Game Console Pricelist

PS3 Original model ( phat) $5
PS3 2 k slim/Super Slim all models spoilt with seal cannot on $20
PS3 Slim/Super Slim all models spoilt no seal $10
PS3 Slim (20xx/21xx/ 25xx) models working $40
ps3 slim 3xxx $30
PS3 Super Slim (4xxx) 500GB models working $50
PS4 Original models spoilt no seal $30
PS4 Original models spoilt with seal $60
PS4 Original first gen models working $100
PS4 Slim models spoilt no seal $30
PS4 Slim models spoilt cannot on with seal $50
PS4 Slim models spoilt with seals $60
PS4 Slim models working $110
Ps4 PRO $200
PS4 PRO limted edition ( subject to condition and sku) $220
ps4 pro spoil no seal $30
ps4 pro spoil have seal $80
Xbox 360 E/S models spoilt $10
Xbox 360 E/S models working $10
Xbox One spoilt $10
Xbox One working $30
Xbox One S spoilt $10
Xbox One S working $90
xbox One X $200
Wii working (US or Local set) $5
Wii U working (US or Local set) $20
Switch lite spolit $20
Switch lite working local full set $100
Switch spoilt $50
Switch gen 1 working local full set $200
Switch gen 2 working local full set $230
PSVita all models spoilt $10
PSVita Original (10xx) model working $40
PSVita Slim (20xx) model working $60
2DS spoilt $5
2DS working $10
3DS spoilt $5
3DS working $10
3DS XL spoilt $5
3DS XL working $20
NEW 3DS spoilt $10
NEW 3DS working $20
NEW 3DS XL spoilt $10
NEW 3DS XL working $20
NEW 2DS XL working $20
PSP Original (10xx) working only $5
PSP Slim (20xx/30xx) spoilt $5
PSP Slim (20xx/30xx) working $10



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